Mindfulness in Pregnancy Course

Our Mindfulness in Pregnancy Course is a four-week course that aims to give parents a practical tool to facilitate calm in their lives, pregnancy and births. It combines teaching on Mindfulness with fostering relationships within the group and learning about labour and birth. The groups are a mix of
first-time expectant mothers and those who’ve previously given birth so there’s lots of sharing of wisdom and tips within the group.
Research shows that perinatal mindfulness training may have many benefits including:
 Reducing perinatal stress and anxiety
 Reduce the fear of labour
 Decrease the use of pain relief
 Improving physical health and emotional well-being of child
o buffering antenatal stress effects on the baby in the womb, and
o enhancing infant-parent emotional connection and attachment
 Build internal psychological resources by:
o developing emotion-regulation skills
o increased self-awareness
o enhanced coping skills

The course offers you time out from busy schedules, to relax and concentrate on yourself and your baby and can be taken at any stage during your pregnancy.

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