What do Antenatal Ireland courses cover?

• Looking after yourself in pregnancy and postnatally
• Informed decision making
• What to expect during the birth process and working towards your choices
• Pain relief – both hospital methods and natural skills such as breathing, relaxation, positions and massage.
• Breastfeeding
• Common hospital procedures
• Caring for your newborn, including feeding information
• Partner support
• The emotional side of having a new baby


Are Antenatal Ireland courses only about natural birth?

No. We provide information on all aspects of birth in order to assist couples to make informed decisions.


Why pay for Antenatal Ireland courses when most hospitals offer free classes?

Antenatal Ireland classes are small, usually 3-8 couples, and informal with lots of opportunity to participate and ask questions. They are likely to be held at a time that suits you and your partner, and usually in your own locality and sometimes in the teacher’s home. A course also entitles you to a year’s free membership to Cuidiú, so you are automatically introduced to a wider network of support, including postnatal support and breastfeeding counselling.


How much do Antenatal Ireland courses cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of course and the location. Prices for student led full Antental courses start from €80 and for fully qualified instructor led from €160. Prices for VBAC, Refresher and Breastfeeding workshops on request from instructors.


Do partners attend Antenatal Ireland courses?

Yes, partners are encouraged to attend all classes, not just a particular one or two. Antenatal Ireland courses help the partners really feel a part of what is going on – both at the course and at the birth. The partner’s needs are also covered during the courses.


Would Antenatal Ireland courses be good for couples planning a home birth?

The physiology of labour is presented from a natural birth foundation – after all this is how the female body is supposed to work. The extensive practical skills would be very useful for home births, while the hospital procedures would be important “back up” information in the event of the mother having to transfer to hospital due to complications.


Where can I find out about a course near me?

Search for upcoming classes in your area here…